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North Georgia Hoof Care

Casey Sexton

As I watched my mother's (Jan Hester) successful trimming business help so many horses, as well as seeing the great fulfillment in her life that her career provided her, I decided to start tagging along on her work days to begin learning more about her trade. During this time, I also began watching my brother (Chance Hester) trim, and learning from him. Eventually, I was given the gracious opportunity to apprentice with Pete Ramey ( I began this apprenticeship in September of 2017 and completed in September of 2019. 

I am very devoted to continuing education. When I'm not at work or spending time with my amazing husband and our two wonderful daughters, you'll find me reading up on the latest topic in hoof care, or traveling to a conference or clinic. 

Continuing Education:


-PHCP conference- Reno, NV


-Assisted in Pete Ramey's hoof clinics in Florida, Oregon, and Massachusetts.

-Daisy Haven Farm Clinic, Pennsylvania


-Hoof Summit Cincinnati, OH

-Daisy Haven Farm Clinic, PA


-Jillian Kreinbring Functional Equine Anatomy & Biomechanics Clinic

-David Landreville Hands On Trimming Clinic


-Masterson Method Clinic October 2021

-Institute of Applied Equine Podietry Clinic December 2021

-Humble Hoof Clinic April 2022

-Jillian Kreinbring Functional Equine Anatomy & Biomechanics Clinic August 2022


Case studies:


A clip on the Humble Hoof podcast: