Left March 2019
Right June 2019
This horse came out of traditional shoes in January of 2019, and in the course of just 6 months, you can see his heels have widened, his frog is much healthier, and the digital cushion has developed nicely.

Thoroughbred heels widening over 2 months.

(August 2019-March 2020) I took this client on in August, post resection. I pulled him out of his shoes and placed him in Easycare Clouds for 23/7 turn out. The owner changed diet to a low starch, no grain feed, and added a proper mineral supplement. After 7 months, his resection grew out beautifully. Also note that the chronic abscessing came to a stop.

Here is a solar and heel view of the resected foot. He had a very deep central suclus infection, thin, flat soles, and long toes with underrun heels. He developed sole thickness and concavity, and his "long toe, underrun heels" resolved. The frog is healthier, wider, and the central sulcus infection has been resolved. This horse is now being ridden comfortably by a very happy teenager.

(July 2019-March 2020) Right Front of a clubby, laminitic Saddlebred. There is an 8 month difference between top and bottom. This horse was miserably lame when I first met him. I pulled him out of metal shoes and did 3 back to back glue on cycles. He is now back in work!

Solar and oblique view of Saddlebread RF.

LF of the Saddlebred. Notice the hairline on around the heel bulbs in the top image. In the bottom image, the heels are wider and the hairline relaxed.

Solar and oblique view of Saddlebread LF.

These radiographs were taken 27 days apart. The left image, a glue on boot has just been placed. The right image is 27 days later, glue on had just been removed. The sole depth doubled in 4 weeks from 5mm to 10mm. He had 2 more cycles after this.


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