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A Whole Horse Approach


A horse's hoof is often times the canary in the coal mine. As a hoof care provider, it is our duty to be educated on what exactly the hooves can tell us, interpret and convey that information, and most importantly, act to improve it. This means that a lot of conversations I have with my clients goes beyond the hoof. We delve into matters such as diet, dentistry, turn out environment, conformation and posture, saddle fit, body work, and so on. 

Each horse is its own puzzle. Some more complicated than others. This process of looking at the whole horse can be a very collaborative experience. I rely on active, positive, working relationships with my clients and any other regular influences in the horse's life; their trainer, their vet, their dentist, etc. It's always a win when we can all work together for the horses's best interest!

My hoof care philosophy focuses strongly on movement and posture. The late Dr. Kerry Ridgeway has a quote that sums up the reason why perfectly. He states, "When there is asymmetry in the body or limbs, there is compensation. Where there is compensation there are postural changes. Where postural changes exist, locomotion will be affected. When locomotion is no longer symmetrical, performance and eventually soundness will suffer."

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