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Services and Pricing: Services


$60 Horses

$50 minis

$70 drafts

Maintenance trims are done every 5 weeks at $60 per horse. I only take on clients who are committed to a 5 week schedule.

Thrush Treatment


I carry Red Horse thrush products- specifically Artimud and Hoof Stuff. I will apply these for free at appointments when needed. You have the option to buy some from my stock for $25.


Price dependent on package

I carry a wide variety of composite (plastic & rubber) shoes that can be nailed or glued on, depending on the horse's needs.

Cloud Therapy Boots


I keep a full stock of Clouds at all times. These are great for laminitic, abscessing, or just gernally sore horses.

These are my general price points. I reserve the right to change these prices based on distance traveled, equine temperament, extra materials used, etc.

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